Happy 17th Birthday Sasha Pieterse!

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"I’m making sure we have the best summer ever. Instead of languishing at the kiddie table, we’ll be mixing up on futons with frat boys."

Just because we kissed in the library Emily, doesn’t mean I’m into you like that. A
kiss is a kiss. I like boys. And trust me, if I’m kissing you, it’s because it’s practice for the
real thing.”  
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so i was re-watching 2x25 and i saw this in A’s lair:

it looks like a blond wig. it looks a lot like ali’s hair, plus its next to pictures of Alison. when i saw it i thought of the pilot when spencer looked out her window and saw someone with blonde and curly hair like alison’s turning around (so she only saw the hair). i have a feeling that was A with the wig…

what do you guys think?

hey guys. so there was a post about someone blond that looked like ali. so i couldnt help noticing these two people. they are both blonde, and wearing red.  (like the person who came to mona in the end of the episode did) it also seems like the one in the top picture is wearing a crown, alison was the ‘queen bee’
i doubt it means something but i just thought i would share it with you guys :D 

Pretty Little Liars Stills - 2x24 If These Dolls Could Talk